MATANGI’ cooling tower comprises of Main body, Water spray system and Accessories.
STRUCTURE: Main body is made of M S sections like Channels, Angles, and ‘T’ all lined with FRP. Entire frame structure is suitably reinforced for stability.
LOUVERS: It is made of FRP using Fiber Glass Mat, Surface and Unsaturated Polyester resin of suitable quality depending upon corrosive nature
FASTNERS: Louvers and structures are fitted with S S 304 nut bolts.
WATER SPRAY SYSTEM: It is made of MS FRP lined/GI pipe header and the distribution pipe branches fitted with Nylon-6/Poly propylene Spray nozzles
WALK WAY: This is for the approach to the Nozzles, It is made of MS Angles lined with FRP, with FRP Grating and Complete with railing.
PLATFORM: This is for connecting all the walkways. It is made of MS pipe complete with railing.
LADDER: This is for the approach to the platform. It is made of MS Pipe complete with railing.
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