Water flow rate   -------------------M3/hr
Inlet water Temperature to cooling tower -------------------0C
Outlet water Temperature from cooling tower -------------------0C
Operation ------------------hrs/day
Wet bulb Temperature -------------------0C
Location of cooling tower from ground -------------------Mtr.
Tolerance -------------------
Height of return water line above cooling tower basin -------------------Mtr.
Delivery head of water circulation pump -------------------Mtr.
Pump motor rating -------------------hp/kw
Numbers of cooling towers installed ---------------------Nos.
Hot water temperature of any one C.T.  Design/Actual ----------0C ---------0C
Cooled water temperature Design/Actual ----------0C ---------0C
Fan motor rating -------------------hp/kw
From the above it is clear that cost of our cooling tower will be recovered by way of power bill saving, with in about 10 months of operation. In addition 50 H.P of power equivalent to fan motor H.P is available to utilise for critical PROCESS EQUIPMENT
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