All the cooling towers are working on the principle of water evaporation. On evaporation of water, both heat and mass transfer takes place, and water gets cooled. Rate of evaporation is increased by increasing air velocity. In case of cooling tower we call this an air draft. This air draft is created by mechanical system of power driven fan. We create the same air draft in our cooling tower, by using specially designed spray nozzles.

Evaporation is a natural phenomenon. Water will evaporate till air in contact with it gets saturated with moisture. Evaporation cannot be more than the saturation point of air. Thus total evaporation will depend upon the moisture holding capacity of air, which depends on humidity.

When hot water is sprayed from top of the cooling tower through our nozzles, it gives jet effect and air is sucked from the area surrounding each nozzle. Air and water travel in co current direction down to the basin. During this travel, air cools down the water to desired temperature, and escape through FRP louvers.

Thus our cooling tower does the same performance as done by the Fan Operated Cooling Tower, without the use of fan.

With the above characteristics our cooling tower has dual benefits, one there is no power requirement and second there is no break down / no maintenance. Another important advantage is that, because there is no fan, there is no scope for electrical spark or friction spark. It can be installed safely in the, inflammable area.

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